I do not work for Corel!

Hi everyone, Need to clear something up. So the past few months I have been getting messages, YouTube comments and e-mails from frustrated Corel users.  I was recently made aware that someone is sending people searching for Corel support to my channel for help.   I do not, nor have I ever worked for Corel.com […]

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The GEAR | 2017 Edition

Hi everyone, I have been asked if I could talk about some of the gear I use and why I use that particular gear.  I use and have used different brands of cameras over my 17 years of photography.  My first camera was a Minolta SRT 202 film camera and I freaking loved it!  I […]

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Podcast #4 | Iphone APPS | oneilchris.com

In this podcast I talk about my three favorite iPhone applications for photography.  I will have the links down below.  In the  next podcast I will be going over my three favorite android applications because I do use both platforms.  I love my LG V10! Enlight Application: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/enlight/id930026670?mt=8 PROSHOT Application: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/proshot-raw-dslr-controls/id924438909?mt=8 PRIZMA Application: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/prisma-free-photo-editor-art/id1122649984?mt=8

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Lets talk tutorials

Photograph above was not taken by me.  I just love the picture.  Please visit this blog  for more info and the photographer who took it. Hi everyone, After a long break I am back creating tutorials in Corel PSP.  Some of the issues I had before have look to have been fixed.  I will begin working […]

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Questions & Answers

This video and blog is a little different.  I have been receiving a lot of questions from YouTube, my blog and my e-mail and wanted to address these questions in a video.  These questions are just to let you know a little bit more about me.  I have been asked “when did you start photography?, […]

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