BTS VIDEO| Photographing Greenday

Billie Joe of Greenday
copyrighted and photographer Chris Sturk

Hi Everyone,

I get asked a lot about what it means to be in the “pit” when photographing a concert.  So, I got some video to share with you.  Now the pit essentially means you are right in front of the stage.  The pit is the buffer point between the stage and the front row seats.  This is the area that you will see security normally standing at.  This helps from people jumping the stage during a show.  During Greenday’s set there were about 8 to 10 security guys in the pit with us.  You will see in the video that they were pretty big guys.  In the video you will see a security guard right behind me, he was a really nice guy and did not have any attitude.  There was some security guards that are not as nice but I guess that goes with the job.  One of the security guards I met has been doing it since the early 80’s and his first show was Prince!  He provided security for Prince, I thought that was pretty damn cool.

So the pit can be pretty crazy at times depending on the band or musician that is on the stage.  When Wiz Kahlifa and Fall out Boy played, that was just nuts.  It was almost 20,000 people during that show.  During the Greenday show NC got hit with some hard rainfall and lightening storms.  The show was almost cancelled but the storm sort of passed us and we just had some light rain.  The show went on but a lot of people did not come do to the storm.  The crowd was still huge, probably around 10,000 to 11,000 people but was supposed to be estimated at around 18,0000.  Again, the thunderstorm had a lot to do with that number going down.  Greenday let us photograph the first two songs and they were so energetic!  Billie Joe was all over the place and just having a blast.  The band looked to really enjoy what they were doing and interacted with the fans throughout the set.  Since we only got to photograph the first two songs I decided to head home after that.  I worked a long day at my regular day time job and so when it came around 10pm I was tired.  🙂  I had seen Greenday years ago when I was in high school and saw them again in my 20’s.  I hope you enjoy this little behind the scenes video.  I will be making a longer video going over some of the things so that anyone out there interested in doing this kind of stuff can see what goes down.  I hope you will enjoy the video.  If you have any questions you can leave them down below!


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