Hi everyone,

So you might have noticed the name change that I talked about a few weeks ago.  It is official and is no longer around.  The link will still work but it will send you to  I am excited about the change and look forward to growing.  I have been busy photographing different musicians such as John Mayer and Foreigner as of recent.  The show were awesome and they both played amazing sets.   I made a video giving some updates on this and answering a few questions that people have asked me. I will leave the links I talked about in the video below.  Thanks again for all your support and your great questions and comments.   🙂

oh, one more thing, I have had people ask to see some of my photographs from my concerts.  You can check them out on my website or you can subscribe to my Facebook and Instagram accounts to see updated photographs of each show I do, behind the scenes and also other photography shoots I am doing.  I look forward to seeing you on those sites and talking to you!

F28studio Facebook page –

F28studio Instagram page –

F28studio Website –

Blooming Lotus Designs Facebook Page –

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