Foreigner & Cheap Trick | Photography


Hi everyone.

I got the awesome pleasure of photographing two icon bands.  Foreigner and Cheap Trick are on tour and I was able to photograph them during there stop in Raleigh.  I have always been a fan of both bands and when I was asked to photograph the bands I jumped at the chance.   The show was amazing and both bands still kicked ass and rocked out hard.  Cheap Trick played some of there classics as well as some lesser known songs.  They played hard and did not give any inclining of slowing down.  Foreigner, probably one of the most icon rock bands of the 80’s kicked some major ass on stage.  They were so energetic and excited to be there.  It felt great being a part of this show and getting to photograph these bands.


We got to photograph the first three songs of each band per the bands management.  I found myself singing along with most of the songs and just capturing all that I could.  If you go to see Foreigner live you will have a kick ass time.  Such a good show!





If you have any questions about the show or what gear I used please feel free to leave a comment down below.

Much Love.


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