PODCAST #6 | Switching Software

In this podcast I go over why I am switching from Corel to Affinity photography software.  Thanks for listening, any questions please leave them down below!


5 thoughts on “PODCAST #6 | Switching Software

  1. Give Aurora HDR and Lumina Neptune a try. Once I switched to them, I never had a second thought about Corel. These are far superior programs,and they work!

  2. Hi Chris,

    I listened to your podcast with great interest. I thought it was just me, or my computer, that was having freezes & crashes with PSP. I have used this program for almost 10 years. I primarily use it for basic photo editing, but mostly for digital designing projects …. e.g. scrapbooks, memory books & wedding albums, personalized calendars & other photo gifts. I am just an amateur photographer with only a Canon sureshot camera & the latest IPhone. I have enjoyed all your tutorial videos on various features of PSP but totally understand your decision to switch to Affinity. I will continue to follow your blog & YouTube videos to see how that switch works out for you. I may even download the trial version to test it myself, though concerned about the steep learning curve.

    I wish you every success in your endeavors to take your photographic business to a new level.

    BTW, I think the original company that sold PSP to Corel may have been Jasc?

    With thanks & best regards,

    Anne Millett


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