Name Change and Moving forward

Hi everyone,

So I have a few things in the works that I am nervous about but also excited.  I have been working hard the last few years to grow as a photographer.  The last few years have felt sort of like a stale mate of sorts and I need a fresh start with a fresh outlook.  A lot of you know me as Christopher Oneil on Youtube, Facebook and my blog.  After a lot of thinking and looking into how I want to go forward I am going to be going through a name change, well not me personally but my photography.  I have been looking into renting studio space for sometime now and also trying to expand the kinds of photography I want to do.  I live in the Raleigh area and I am looking to make my photography business an actual business in the state of NC.  That means going through licensing, paying a state tax and all of that stuff.  It is a lot of stuff behind the scenes.

I have gotten some questions about this such as “Chris, why are you changing the name.  You have built a strong base with your name”.  This is true and I appreciate that but I think moving forward I want to create a studio and I want to have a studio name.  So as I look into the future of my photography I can see my goals within reach.  I am excited but also a little scared but nothing is ever easy and change is a good thing,  it helps you grow.  So over the next few months you will see some different things.

Upcoming changes

  • Name change:
    Christopher Oneil will still be associated with it but the studio name is changing to F2.8 Photography studios.  I have some friends and designers working on a logo for me.  It will take a little bit to get use to but I am excited about the change.  This name change will effect the youtube channel, blog and Facebook.
  • Videos:
    The video format is going through some changes and I am working on setting up a recording area of my studio.  This would be specifically used for creating videos for youtube.
  • Software:
    I still use Corel but not as often as I once did.  I use Affinity, Lightroom and yes Photoshop now.  I will still create videos on Corel to help people who use the software but as my photography grows I need to switch to more reliable software.  I have had too many issues with Corel over the past few itterations of the software updates.  I will no longer be updating to the latest one and will just make videos on the X9 version only.   The software has become more unstable then it used to be and has crashed on me way to many times.   As a working photographer I can’t afford to have a “sometimes workable” piece of software.  So you may see videos dealing with Affinity, Lightroom and Photoshop on top of the Corel videos in the future.
  • Training courses: 
    I am now offering beginner DSLR training course for people wanting to learn how to use their new DSLR.  This is a beginners course and goes over how to utilize your new camera as much as possible.  I have already done a few classes and it has been fun.  You will see that change on my website.

I know this change will be odd for some people who have followed my channel and blog for a long time.  I hope you embrace the change but if not that is ok also.  We all have different tastes but this is the right move for me.  Thank you for your great support and kinds words.  I hope to share the new space with you sometime soon once I get the final bookings on it!

Thanks again and much love.


8 thoughts on “Name Change and Moving forward

  1. Thanks for your blog regarding name change. Following your move away from Corel what is your recommendation as for photo editing software that is affordable for the non pro. I would expect that most following your advise would not mind changing software.

    1. Thanks Karl. The software I am using right now is a program called Affinity. It is cheap and has almost the same tools that photoshop has. You can also down load it to the ipad if you have one. I am going to start practicing with that program a lot more. I do have a subscription to adobe but I do not want to keep that for a long time. So I am going to work with Affinity a lot more, it seems to be a great piece of new software for really cheap. 🙂

  2. Good luck in your new adventure! I’ll continue to be a follower, even though I don’t do much photography myself. You are an excellent teacher and I will continue to learn new things until my brain overflows! Your friend and follower, Arlene

  3. I’m so excited for you. Your right that change is somewhat scary but new adventures are always good for moving forward. The best of success to you on all your future endeavors. Always move forward for what is best for you and your family. Looking forward to updates from you on Youtube.

  4. Hi, Chris Congratulations on your new venture!! I’m sure you’ll do great, esp. with the sizeable online following you already have. Regarding Corel Paintshop versus Adobe Photoshop, do you see any other disadvantages of Corel, besides its instability? Specifically, do you find Corel’s editing features compared to Photoshop’s, especially for amatuers like us (your followers)? Regards, RAJ

    On Mon, Jun 26, 2017 at 6:20 PM, CHRISTOPHER ONEIL BLOG wrote:

    > posted: ” Hi everyone, So I have a few things in the works > that I am nervous about but also excited. I have been working hard the > last few years to grow as a photographer. The last few years have felt > sort of like a stale mate of sorts and I need a fresh start” >

  5. Hello Chris! I am a brand new follower. I found you searching for a help video with Paintshop X9 and watched an early video of yours. I was very impressed with your video, which lead me to find you are on WP, so it was so easy to become WP neighbors. I have ALREADY learned from your blog!!

    First, as I begin my new venture of setting up a photography business here on our property in rural Oklahoma, I had a hard time deciding on a business name. Your deciding to change your name to a Studio name is a confirmation to me I choose wisely. I decided to start with a Studio name instead of my own name as my business is geared to photographing families, seniors, children here in the privacy of our open property. Lot’s of visual “studios”…160 acres worth of ideas, sunrises, and sunsets!

    Also, not wanting to incur an additional expense right now, with the website, and other beginning startup expenses, my husband and I decided to do the Corel 9X. We previously had Corel 4, but my oh my, I was very frustrated using that program. With hesitation, I am beginning to learn X9. it is much easier on the basic set up and beginners learning thing, but their videos are WAY out of date, hence, I went looking for additional help on-line and found you!

    As you take you time building your “vision”, I am going to glean from your past experience. I THANK YOU for taking the time to explain Corel and I look forward to any help you can offer on the X9 program. Yes, as I am just beginning to learn to venture into the different scripts available, it has already frozen up on me twice. I am thankful to read, I am not the only one experiencing this problem. Blessings to you and your new “season” in your life and business! You will do great!!! Regards,a fellow WordPress neighbor, denise

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