Chris at studio-029

Hi everyone,

In this podcast I give a little over view on a cheap alternative to give you wireless trigger capability on your DSLR.  The trigger I got is called the PIXEL TW-283 Wireless Remote Control for DSLR.


This system has some pretty neat features for a really affordable price.

  • 2.4Ghz
  • 80m + distance which is roughly around 265 feet
  • 30 different channel options and customization
  • Single, multiple and bulb mode options
  • Timer mode
  • Long exposure mode
  • You also have some customization options to save your own settings.

I have noticed when using this device that the control will automatically take two exposures when I only want to take one exposure.  So when I have the camera in single exposure and the remote in single exposure it still takes two exposures.  If you hit the shutter button on the remote hard and very fast then you can get one exposure but if you click on it at a normal pressure it takes two exposures.  It is not bad but can be a bit annoying when using it.


The trigger and the remote are both made from plastic but feel sturdy enough to at least handle one fall.  They each have screens that can light up at night so you can easly access the controls.


The buttons on the control are tactical and feel good.  I never felt like I was missing a press or did not feel like it was sturdy.  The design is comfortable enough to use for long periods.  There is no little string holder option, so you won’t be able to attach a wrist handle for those cases where you might drop it but it is attached to your wrist.  You can probably buy something that will attach to it I would imagine.  The product so far has done what it was set out to do and what it tells us it should do.  I have not had a missfire yet but only the future can tell on how long the device will handle after long periods of use.

Thanks for listening and I hope his helps you out!

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