Raven Rock Park | Sort of Vlog


Hi everyone,

I recently took a nice hike at the Raven Rock Park in Lillington NC.  I have been wanting to visit more places this year and really just enjoy the outdoors.  I have few places to visit.  This was one of them.  I have been there before but it was for a photography shoot I was doing.  I went this time to just enjoy the beauty of the landscape and the really big rocks!  I do want to kayak down the river at some point.  It would be a two day trip.

Some other places I want to visit this year.

  • Route 66 – I would like to travel down part of route 66 and see the old buildings and photograph them.
  • Yellowstone National Park – I want to go here so bad, because its freaking Yellowstone national park!
  • Chimney Rock state park – It is a beautiful location and has some amazing photographic opportunities.
  • Blue Ridge Parkway – I have been there once but it was for a photography shoot and only had a limited time there.  I want to go there again and take in the beauty and see all the waterfalls.
  • Wild Horses in the Outer-banks – There is a little island that has wild horses on it.  You can camp there but you are not allowed to have contact with the horses.  You can watch them and photograph them but if you are seen feeding, touching or interacting with them they will take you off the island.  I can only imagine some of the beautiful photographs I might be able to get from that location!
  • Acadia park in Maine – I grew up in Mass and had gone to Maine several times.  I want to go back and photograph this location.  I want to do early morning photographs with the sun rising next to the light houses.
  • Some other places I would like to visit are Utah, Montana, Tennessee, Wyoming and many others.  I obviously can’t do them all but I wan to start with the first couple this year.

The video I am sharing I call the “sort of vlog” because I am not really vlogging but more sharing the experience with you.  If you want  you can see this location for yourself by visiting the link I provided below.

Thanks for watching and I will talk with you soon.


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