5 thoughts on “PODCAST #3 | COREL PAINTSHOP PRO X9

  1. Hi Chris, Loved this podcast. I’m now new to VideoStudio X9. Is that what you are using for your YouTube channel? Regarding the freezes on PSP X8 or X9, do you have additional memory on your graphics card? I just upgraded to a Dell Laptop 17″ intel i7 processor with 16 GB ram too, but the Nivida graphics card has 4 GB ram on it in addition, and I’m not having the freezing issue any longer. I’ve noticed when an AMD processor is used (which runs hotter) that might be a problem. Something to think about.

  2. Hi Chris,
    I have been following you for several years now. I started with proper x4, then x7 and 2 weeks ago I downloaded x9 ultimate.
    I have learned quite a bit from your videos on wordpress and I saved them on my Nook. I did
    the flower reflection. It was great. Unfortunately I can not find it again. Please let me know what date the video is.
    Thank you and keep up the good work. I enjoy the lessons.

  3. Used X7 now have X9 Corel paint pro would like to know how to take text off pictures after I have saved them in jpg?

    1. Hi Judy, once you save them as a jpeg the text is then embeded into the photograph. If you use layers and save it as a PSP image file you can then later on go in and edit the text. Removing text from a JPG can be a complicated process due to the fact you need to make sure you don’t ruin the rest of the picture while removing the text. If the text is large covering a good portion of the picture that can also cause issues. It is best to use layers when creating a project using text. If you are talking about having a picture with text already on it and you want to remove then the same issues apply. Jpg is a compressed file and all the information in that file is embedded. If it is small text then you can probably get away with removing it but it all depends on the situation, the placement of the text and the size of the text. It is not a simple one click and remove kind of project.

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