Resizing a photograph layer



In this blog post I talk about resizing a photograph that you paste on top of another photograph.  One of the most common requests I get is how to do this.  It is really easy! Lets first talk about why this happens.

When you are copying a photograph and pasting it on top of another one you may come across a problem.  You will notice that sometimes the photograph you pasted is to large and you cannot see the photograph below it.  The reason for this is because one of the photographs is a higher resolution therefor being a larger photograph then the other one.  This can happen for several different reasons but the most common is due to focal length, using two different cameras or working with JPG or RAW.   There are probably other reason also for why this happens.  Your first thought to fix the problem might be trying to resize the photograph to fit the resolution or dimensions of the photograph below it.  This can cause issues and warp the photograph.  You are basically moving pixels around and that can cause artifact or warp your photograph.  The easy solution is using the selection tool.  This tool is great and can make your life a whole lot easier when editing in this format.

In this video below I go over how to do this and help you understand why this happens.  I hope this video and tutorial will help you out!  Let me know if you have any questions.  Please subscribe if you have not and click like if you found this video useful.  Thanks again!

6 thoughts on “Resizing a photograph layer

  1. Chris, Thank you for this video, it was great to hear from you. My one question is that the final picture when you finished was blurry and I couldn’t see both pictures together as one final picture. Maybe my computer. Something that I will be trying to accomplish, Thanks again. Jack

    1. Hey Jack. I am not sure why it showed up blurry, it was clear on my end. The video was just to basically show you how to resize only. The two pictures were never meant to blend or blur together. Just giving you the tools to create your own projects. :). Thanks for the question and your support!

  2. Hello. I have learned a lot from you and am glad you are back. I try to watch videos on how to use these programs and something I have noticed with A LOT of different videos is not HOW to do something but WHAT the clicking is with the mouse. Is it a left click, right click, click and drag? And once done, how do we save the project so we can open it again or keep as is? Maybe these are silly thoughts but I do get lost and a simple WRONG mouse click can throw all work done down the drain…

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