Lets get back on track

I want to first start off with a thank you.  The kind words people have sent me via my blog, e-mail or Facebook has been very touching.  Thank you for that.

I started to piece together some new things for videos.  My family and friends have encouraged me to get back into photography and start doing what I loved to do.  With that encouragement I am going to start working towards making new videos and content. I started recently taking clients again as well.

With that being said I am going to try to put together some different videos using Corel PSP.  I played around with it after there update and some of the issues have stopped.   Thank you again to everyone for there support and understanding.  I appreciate the community that has formed and hope to see it grow even more.

Thanks again,

Much Love

5 thoughts on “Lets get back on track

  1. I use to be an evidence photograph with one of the Federal Law Enforcement agencies. I haven’t shot picture since I retired 12 years ago. I back into now (not crime scenes) I have watched a lot of videos on youtube and fine the yours are the best and very helpful. Glade your getting back into, I need the help.

  2. Welcome back Chris – you have been greatly missed, and I’m glad you are feeling better too. It’s never easy to lose loved ones. You are a very special teacher (from another teacher). Warmly, your friend, Arlene

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