Sublte Edit |Lightroom 5 | Time Lapse

For anyone who watches my videos you know that I talk about subtle edits a lot.  For me personally I do the best I can within camera so that the editing process is limited.  This changes of course if I am working on a crazy creative idea project, but for basic everyday photographs of my dogs or family I always do subtle.  I made this time-lapse so you can see what I mean by subtle.  You will see how subtle edits can change the photograph and help enhance the photograph in such a simple way.  I want to keep the natural essence of the photograph but bring out the parts of it the camera was unable to catch but my human eye could see.  I think that is what is great about photography software, it can help enhance that photograph just a little bit more and give it that extra kick.

I am using lightroom 5 | Windows 10 | 16 minute edit

Thanks for watching!


2 thoughts on “Sublte Edit |Lightroom 5 | Time Lapse

  1. Think you did a great job, However….how did you do it.. or do you have other Youtube things on Lightroom?

    1. I will make a video on how to do it coming soon. I just wanted to make a video to show people how simple subtle edits can make a difference. 🙂 Thanks for your comment.

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