Hi everyone.

Please watch the video below to see about the update stuff. 🙂  Thanks!

3 thoughts on “UPDATE! | COREL & PHOTOSHOP

  1. I can’t remember how I got to your videos for PSP x8, but thank you for making them, they’re clear and concise in regards to step by step in getting a project done. Though I’m a novice to all programs for this purpose, I too have had to make the change over to lightroom and photoshop for same reasons. Have or will you be updating to lightroom 6? Thank you, Jan (starting over again in learning)

  2. I’ve been a Paint Shop user since version 5, which then was produced by Jasc and it was shareware (if I remember correctly). It was the right tool for a hobbyist like me making my first steps in digital photography.
    Then came a time when Corel and Adobe aquired other producers of graphics and video software and Paint Shop seemed to become the little brother of Photoshop. But there has never been a clear perspective for Paint Shop. You could see this in the name. One of the versions has been named Paintshop Photo Pro, the next Paint Shop Pro Photo.
    I can understand your decision very well, as I am currently rethinking for myself, whether Paint Shop Pro will be my tool for the future or if I should move to Adobe Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC. Furthermore one of my problems is, that After Shot is unable to deal with my Samsung Raw photos.
    But nevertheless your tutorials are really good and will surely be helpful for all PSP users in future. Thanks for spending your time in making them and hopefully once you will be back with new videos on PSP.

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