I…. again have had a problem with Corel PSP X8. My frustration is becoming increasingly worse. I have been trying to work on videos for the channel but I keep getting booted off with this error. I have reloaded, deleted, cleaned out and updated things. I cannot make video’s if this keeps happening. In this video it was an in depth 25-minute tutorial on the text wrapping options going over three different ways to do it with three different photographs. This problem does not only happen on the long video’s it happens even when I am attempting to record a 10-minute tutorial.

I will probably go back to X7 and delete X8 completely. I as a photographer and that being a part of my living cannot afford for programs to not work. It is beyond frustrating because I also want to put out content to help my subscribers continue to grow in learning photography and the software.

Hopefully it will be fixed but I am not holding my breath. I am going to see if I can re-download X7 and just keep using that for now on.

16 thoughts on “COREL PSP | VIDEOS ON HOLD

  1. So sorry to hear of your frustrating problems Chris – you work so hard for us too. This modern technology is marvellous when it works properly …. Meanwhile let patience have her reward and take courage!
    Bless you, Eileen

    1. Thanks Eileen! I appreciate that kind words. My patience is thin with the Corel PSP right now. If they can resolve it or put a better software with less glitches that would be great! πŸ™‚ Thanks again Eileen. πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve learned so much from you and your website and am so sorry to hear about your problem. I’m still using PSPX6 even though they bug me CONSTANTLY about “upgrading” to X8, I know when something works well and it doesn’t. No thank you. I’ll stay with X6 for a few more versions THEN maybe consider changing. I sure miss the old X6 tutorials and must admit, don’t watch that many of your new ones because they don’t apply to X6 so why bother? Can’t you work with Corel (directly) and resolve the problem. I should think they’d absolutely LOVE you for doing all the ‘field testing’ you do with their product. Couldn’t you try that?
    Regardless, just know we do appreciate you and your efforts. God bless ya!

    1. Hey Mike, Thanks for the comment. Most of the video’s I do can apply (technique wise) except really for the X8 stuff. I am sad that I even upgraded. I will try to get X7 again and start making video’s on that. X8 is a disaster and I have had nothing but issues with it. I think they pump out these software upgrades to fast and do not take the time to iron out programing issues. There is also so much bloat stuff they add to there software that is makes it slow and clunky. I hope they make some changes but I won’t hold my breath! πŸ™‚ Thanks for being a supporter and a subscriber. I will definitely not be upgrading anytime soon even if X9 comes out. They need to slim down that software a lot to a more usable program. Thanks Mike! πŸ™‚

  3. I have been so disappointed with Corel’s Paintshop Pro that I switched to Serif’s PhotoPlus X8. It is not as fancy as PSP, but it is much more stable. Also,Serif is going to be coming out with a Windows beta for Affinity. You might want to check that out.

    1. Yeah, it was a disappointing thing for me when it has frozen up so many times. I am actually now looking into Photoshop again. I will hopefully make videos soon but it’s frustrating.

  4. I didn’t even know I could do video on PSPX8.
    I am bombarded with emails from Corel, inviting me to purchase their video editing software and presumably that’s because PSPX8 doesn’t do video, or have I been missing something all along?
    How about a guide to using PSPX7 or PSPX8.
    I don’t want to listen to, or watch, someone ‘explaining’ how to use it, as I have to keep going back on line to view the ‘instructions’.
    Is it beyond Corel’s ability, to produce a user’s guide? The ‘instructions’
    require me to scroll back and forward to read information.
    Yes, I have printed some of it off, but Corel should really try assisting customers, instead of simply telling us, we have one month’s free assistance and then we have to pay.
    I was informed Corel did this, because their staff would be tied up with customers asking questions.
    Maybe Corel should be asking itself, the BIG question: Where is the usable information is a reasonably simple format, for the customers who bought our product?
    Now an answer to THAT question, would be REALLY helpful.
    Even at this stage (almost two years after purchasing PSPX7 and then PSPX8, I am still considering cutting my losses and going to Lightroom!

  5. Sorry to hear of the frustration you ate going through because your videos are invaluable. Hope x7 works for you. Thanks for all your work


  7. Hi Chris,

    First of all, thank you very much for your useful video tutorials. I love them!

    I have been playing around with PSP X8 and for the moment mine appears to behave (touch wood!), so I do not actually know the cause of the error you and others are having. It may be something related to the RAM memory, or it may not be, who knows. Additionally, just for the sake of curiosity,I wanted to test the executable by making it running within the popular ‘Dependency Walker’ utility. And well, as I could see this version at least, appears to be released with some bug. In the PSP X8 root directory the above mentioned utility was showing some 7 missing libraries (.DLL files), though on the other hand, if in my case the program is running fine I do not know how important they are.

    If you wanted to try and should you have other missing libraries, probably they already are within System32 (supposing you are using Windows too), so they would need to be copied to the PSP X8 root directory and *perhaps* to also be re-registered using the regsvr32 utility. Not sure, but it might work.



  8. Yes I have the same problem. It is such an irritating error in that no matter what you do it closes the whole programme down. It seems to happen when I use a plugin or have put extra stress on the system by having many layers open then trying to use a “tool”.
    What especially worries me is that if Corel are not bending over backwards to help you; somebody that has done so much to promote their products – what hope for the rest of us!
    I also purchased Aftershot which generally works fine but at times cannot find a file plus the video programme which I was having problems with – the same error message. I tried to get help from Corel but they found it simpler to volunteer a refund.
    I shall give it another month or so but will then reluctantly move to Photoshop.

    1. I have a similar issue – came online looking for clues. Similar symptoms of crashing or taking forever to complete a process. Most recent problem began after the newest service pack update installed. Now when I select an open image for pattern there is no guarantee it will not crash.

      I really dislike using Photoshop and do not think I could afford it right now.

  9. Chris, have you updated to SP2 that was released on April 22? It has fixed several issues, although i also use PSP heavily and never had major issues. It seems that various computer/program configurations might lead to some bugs appearing or not.
    I have to say i have more issues with Camtasia crashing than PSP crashing when i do videos.

  10. OMG I just clicked on your blog site to see you are having the same error message I keep getting. I’ve been working with Corel for a couple of weeks now and they still haven’t been able to determine what is causing it. I use my Corel PSP x8 heavily every day, it’s my tool to run my business and I’m so frustrated that I want to throw my computer half the time! I hope you were able to find some resolution but I’m still waiting! 😦

    Dani Ashbury

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