Corel Paintshop Pro X8 PROBLEM! | Possible Aftershot Pro issue


Hey everyone,

I am having a problem with my Corel PSP X8 software.  I explain it in the video below.  I have received a few messages from people have issues with Corel Aftershot Pro as well.  I recently upgraded to windows 10 which is awesome and I love it.  My X7 software works great and X8 was working fine for about a week then it just stopped.  You will see in the sample pictures that the EDIT tab is missing all of its information.  I also explain it in the YouTube video.

If you know of any solutions or you are having the same issue please let us know.  I will be contact Corel later this week when I have some free time.  This is a quick blog post.

You can see all of my menus, layer pallets, options and everything is gone.

x8 problem 1

Luckily I still have X7 loaded and I am currently using that since I have paid clients expecting their photographs!  So I am not in panic mode. 🙂

Thanks everyone,

I will let you know if I find anymore information.  When it is resolved I will start recording X8 and also uploading new video content soon.  Thanks!


5 thoughts on “Corel Paintshop Pro X8 PROBLEM! | Possible Aftershot Pro issue

  1. Chris: Last week while using x6, I received a promotional offer from Corel for x9 ultimate! I purchased it and downloaded to my Windows 10 laptop and desktop. Nothing worked. Programs “stopped working”. I decided to cancel purchase and obtain refund. I don’t see x9 being offered anymore.

      1. It was strange because I could not find the offer on the Corel website, only popped up when opened x6. Cleverbridge handles Corel’s purchases, but promptly cancelled it at my request.

      2. Sorry folks, I checked my e mail and it was x8 not x9 that I downloaded. The point, however, is that every time I opened one of the programs, it “stopped working”. Nothing on Corel’s website provided any info on how to fix.

  2. I asked you about a Aftershot Pro 2 problem this is just to let you know I took my computer into the shop to see if they could load Aftershot pro successfully after about 2 hours they did it , this is the program they used to completely uninstall Aftershot Pro2 [ Revo Uninstall ] then they re installed Aftershot Pro 2 , it works great now ! BTW I did not download the latest upgrade this time, I think that was what caused all my problems.
    This worked for 2 of my friends also .
    I hope this helps

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