Corel Aftershot Pro 2 | Using multi-image view

Hi everyone,

In this blog and video I go over a neat tip with you while working in Aftershot Pro 2.  I talk about using multi-image view which enables you to see and compare photographs with a single keyboard shortcut.  This will help people working in wedding, portrait and any other photography style.  This helps you make sure you get the correct photograph out of all of the photographs.

Watch the video below for more info.



3 thoughts on “Corel Aftershot Pro 2 | Using multi-image view

  1. Sorry if this is not the place to ask this . I just downloaded an update to Aftershot Pro 2 and now it won’t open . I have 2 friends that have the same problem. Corel is no help at all, your my last hope . I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it didn’t uninstall completely so now it won’t install . It did say it couldn’t find the OT platform plugin. (whatever that is ) Help please your my last hope, I understand if you would rather not . Thank you

    1. Hey Jim. Its not a question of if I want to it is a question if I can. 🙂 I am having the same issue with Corel PSP X8. Now I upgraded to windows 10 (which is really great and easy, loving it so far) so I am not sure if that is what the problem is on my end. I did download Corel Aftershot and it seems to be working ok. I know sometimes if there is an older version on the your drive it can cause problems or if a anti virus ware is blocking the installation. I am downloading X8 again today to see if it will finally work before I call Corel also. I wish I could help you out more but it is a tough and frustrating thing.

      1. Thanks for the quick response . Knowing I’m not the only one with a problem is help 🙂

        Jim Bailie

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