Corel AfterShot Pro 2 | Oraganizing your workspace


In this blog and video tutorial I go over how to organize the interface in Corel Aftershot 2.

When you download the software you can be overwhelmed with all of the options that are there for you to use.  If you are unsure about the software and are trying to figure it out, this video will help you organize all that clutter.  I show you a few simple tips and tricks on how to make it easier to maintain.
Keeping a clean interface is essential to your workflow.  That is also the case in any software you use.  You want to create an easy and clean workspace so you can focus on the picture not the clutter around the picture.

In this video I go over:

  • Pinning your submenus.
  • Why organizing your interface is useful.
  • How to close certain pallets.
  • How to close menu items.
  • How to use the keyboard shortcuts and where they are located.


keyboard shortcuts


This will give you an idea of how to modify your workspace.  You can adjust, change or modify what I am showing to fit your particular needs and workflow.  I think it is essential to keep a clean interface for you to be able to be more creative.

Thanks for watching and I hope this video helped you out.

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