Corel PSP X7 | Saving under exposed photographs


Hi everyone,

In this video and blog I go over a simple technique of bring back some life into those partially under exposed photographs.
Now by partially I mean a photograph that still has some information in it.  This won’t work with an extremely over exposed or under exposed photograph.  You will see what I mean in the video.


In this video:

  • I talk about the process I think through when starting my edit.
  • How to use adjustment curves to help bring out the mid tone and exposure.
  • Using masking layers.
  • Using more than one adjustment layer.
  • Masking a layer.
  • Using the paintbrush and inverting your brush.
  • and more
  • Links to learn how to use the adjustment layers and masking layers while sharpening
    How to use masking layers to sharpen pictures:

    How to use Adjustment Layers:

I wanted to share this with you guys and gals because it has been asked to me before on my process of editing and what I do.  I hope you enjoy the video and find it useful.  If you did please subscribe, share and like the video or blog.
If any questions please leave them down in the comment section below.



One thought on “Corel PSP X7 | Saving under exposed photographs

  1. Hi Chris, Thanks for taking the time to share these tutorials. They’re very helpful! I’m just going through the tutorial “Corel Paintshop Pro X7 | Tips on saving under exposed photographs” and at the step where you add a new adjustment layer-curves, I notice that mask and inversion icons appear on your toolbar at the top of your layers palette. When I follow these same steps, the mask and inversion icons do not appear for me. Do you know how I can go about getting those icons to appear in the toolbar area of my layers palette? I have carefully watched and re-watched your steps a number of times to add a new adjustment layer to ensure I’m doing this correctly, but my results are different. I would be very grateful for any insight you might have on this. Pam

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