Corel PSP X7 | Using and creating SCRIPTS

script 1

Hi everyone,

This has been one of the most requested tutorials so here it is!  This blog and video I go over how to use and record scripts. Scripts are basically presets that someone else has created so you can download them and load them to your photograph with one click of a button.  If you have used Lightroom or some other RAW editing software you might be familiar with PRESETS.  Scripts are the same as presets.  When using scripts you are basically adding someone elses pre-made effects to your image.

In this video I go over:

  • What scripts are and what they do.
  • How to create and record scripts.
  • Opening the SCRIPT module or pallet for quick and easy access to the controls.
  • What the basic options are and what they mean in your SCRIPT pallet.
  • How to import scripts.
  • How to save scripts.
  • How to record scripts.
  • Using adjustment layers while recording scripts and applying them.
  • Limitations you might have when using scripts.
  • and much more.

You will see a drop down menu that will provide you with the current scripts you have on your computer.  Sometimes these scripts come as a bundle with the software but they can also include scripts you have downloaded or purchased.
scripts 2

You will see on the SCRIPT pallet your main controls.

script 1

  1. arrow
    This button will lets you import and apply scripts that you have purchased or downloaded to your computer.
  2. arrow 2
    This button will allow you to import several scripts so you can apply several different effects at once.
  3. pencil
    This icon lets you change, modify or adjust the particular script that you have selected from the drop down menu.
  4. record
    Your record button.  Press this to start recording your script.
  5. pause
    Pauses your script session. (This icon will only turn blue when you are recording)
  6. cancel
    Cancels your script session. (This will only turn red when you are recording)
  7. save
    This will save your script after you are done creating it.

This video will go over everything in more detail.  If any questions please leave them down below.  Like subscribe and share this blog and video if you found it helpful.  Thanks!

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