Do I need to use layers? | Corel PSP


Hi everyone!

I have received allot of questions, comments and thoughts on using layers in Corel PSP.  I wanted to address my thoughts on this topic and answer the common question I have been asked… “Do I need to use layers?”

I go over in this video:

  • Why using layers helps in your workflow
  • Why you would want to use layers
  • How you can adjust effects after they have been applied by using layers
  • I go over briefly what the HISTORY pallet is
  • My view on how important it is to use layers

This is just my view on the subject.  Some people do not need to use layers especially if you are doing small projects or adjusting photographs for non clientele.  I do recommend that you should learn how to use the layers anyway so it will help you in future projects.  I do go over certain layers and how to use them in previous video’s if you are interested in learning.

I hope this answers those thoughts and questions.

Thanks for watching


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