Military Style (Poster) Photo Shoot | Part 1


Hi everyone!

The last few weeks I have been working on an idea, checking out locations, finding costumes and researching.  I have been basically working on a particular idea.  I play video games sometimes, crazy I know. (sarcasm).  I really enjoy some Ghost Recon games and Assassins creed games.  I wanted to put together a photo shoot and then edit the final product in Corel PSP X7.   My idea has been done several times before but I wanted to try it myself and see if I can put my personal twist on it.  I want to create a military action style like poster.  You might see these posters in ads, on billboards or game covers.  I am building my commercial portfolio and transitioning my photography studio from weddings to more viable commercial work. This photo shoot will help me show certain editing skills and photography skills that will hopefully better my chances when competing for certain jobs.  I wanted to take you a long on this project so you can see a play by play.

Creating projects such as this one takes time and planning.

  • First I have to take my idea and put it on paper.
  • I then research my idea to see if there are any examples I can reference during the development process.
  • I will search for costumes, gear and anything I will need to create an engaging photograph.
  • I will search for different locations and see which one will better suit my needs and create a good background.  I also may just do it in post processing (create the background) but I would like to have my options open anyway.

I have already taken a few pictures going over different poses and picking out which poses I think will best fit what I am looking for.  I took some of these photographs so I can reference them later when doing the final shoot.  I will print these out or put them on my phone,  so when I am out doing the actual photo shoot I can quickly reference these photographs to remind me of the different poses I want to have done.   These photographs are by no means final products or even meant to be great photographs.  These are simply reference guide photographs.

(Side Note:  I am using a FAKE GUN. It’s a air-soft gun that has no pellets in it.  I will be painting the front of the gun from the orange color to a black color.  Since I am doing this (painting the front of the air-soft toy gun) I will notify my local police department and set up a time to talk to them.  I want them to know and be aware of the photo shoot.  You  might ask “why Chris?”.  I want to do this because when I am out at the location and someone sees a guy carrying around a realistic looking gun and call the police (which has happened) then the department can let them know they are aware and it is for a photo shoot.  I do not want police cars storming in with guns and screaming for me and my crew to get down. lol.  To avoid all of that I will be talking to the local PD and the park employees and make them aware of the photo shoot.  I would rather be safe then stupid.  🙂

So, here are some of the photographs and poses I will be using for the photography session.  Let me know which one you think is the best out of them.  You can help me in this process.

I will be posting more blog posts soon as the process goes on including a video showing how I am editing the photographs and the final product.




3 thoughts on “Military Style (Poster) Photo Shoot | Part 1

  1. Well Chris – great shots ( no pun intended) but you really don’t look mean enough, so I’m not convinced of your role as a gunman and anyway – I like you best when you’re with your cats! Eileen

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