Nikon D7100 MB-D15 Battery Grip (Why I got it)


Hi everyone,

I recently got a used MB-D15 battery grip for my Nikon D7100.  There are a few reasons why I decided to go with the manufactures brand grip then a knock off.    When I purchased my Nikon D5100 many years ago I was looking for an affordable grip to go with that camera.  I did find a very cheap alternative with the Meike battery grip (click here for overview of that grip) and it worked well with my camera.  It was only $35.00 I think at the time.  Now the Nikon D5100 did not have and still does not have a dedicated battery grip from Nikon.  When I purchased my Nikon D7100 I knew I wanted a battery grip.
There are a few benefits to having a battery grip.

  1. You get longer battery life since you are using two batteries.
  2. It has a AA battery holder that you can place inside in case you are in a pinch and need some battery life.
  3. It provides a vertical shutter button and grip so you can easily switch back and forth between positions.
  4. It provides better ergonomics to the camera and allows for a very comfortable holding experience.
  5. It also makes your camera look like a beast of a machine. 😉

The main reason’s I wanted the battery grip is because while I am photographing weddings or portraits I need the extra battery life.  Some of my photo shoots can last from 2 hours to 14 hours depending on the location and other aspects of the shoot.   This gives me the confidence that I am able to last through those photo shoots without fearing of my battery draining to fast.  I do also have a back up charger and another back up battery.  This allows me to switch out the battery quickly with a new battery and then get the used battery on the charger.

When I purchased my D7100 I was concerned about getting an off brand grip.  I had a few reasons for this.

  1. It voids my warranty on my camera.  I need that warranty.  This is D7100 is one of my work horses and I can’t afford to take the chance of an off brand battery grip messing it up.
  2. I have read reviews and watched video’s of people comparing the Meike and other off brand grips to the Nikon.  They all have different results with the off brand but similar and consistent results with the Nikon grip.
  3. I trust the Nikon brand.  I have never had an issue with any of my cameras or gear.  I have always loved the quality of the cameras I have invested in.  I wanted to make sure I stuck with Nikon products.
  4. I have read and seen off brand battery grips fall apart, the vertical shutter button stops working, the materials are made of lesser quality materials and starts to fall apart,  the electronic connectors will break easier and will not connect to the camera 50% of the time.  I can’t afford to have that happen when I am photographing a wedding.

I was looking online for an affordable Nikon MB-D15 battery grip.  I found one on Adorama.  It was a used one and they gave it a high rating and said there were no issues with it.  I purchased it and when I got it I was very pleased.  It is in great condition and works perfectly.  You can find it used for $199.99 or even less if working with the current owner of the grip.

The MB-D15 feels great in my hands, feels sturdy when attached, has a tough build feel and just keeps working the way it should.  I am very happy with my purchase.  I have used this grip for a few months now so I have been able to put it through its paces.   I would recommend this grip to anyone.






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