The Nikon D2x. Why I purchased a used 2005 Nikon flagship DSLR.


Nikon D2x
Nikon D2x

Hey everyone,

I have wanted a pro level DSLR for sometime now and have been looking into different kinds.  I am a Nikon guy (but also like Canon) so I was looking at the Nikon lineup.  I was introduced to the Nikon D2x and D2x’s when doing some research online.  I knew that I wanted a tough built camera with a vertical grip but I had some other specs I wanted.

  • It has to be used (the cost is significantly lower)
  • 100% view finder coverage
  • At the least 12MP or 16MP
  • High-speed sync options
  • Durable build and weather proofing
  • Affordable in cost but also in good/excellent condition
  • And finally a camera that would take my current lens collection

Using these particulars I began my search.  I looked at some Canon options as well to as not limit me in my choices, but I knew that I would need to invest in new lens so I decided to nix that idea.  I began my search on Google and continued it on YouTube and other camera manufactures sites.  I came across someone talking about the Nikon D2x and D2x-S.  It looked like a beast and seemed to have everything I was looking for or at the least what I would settle for.

I was surprised by this camera.  Some of the things I found out about this camera in my research.

  1. It was the flagship camera from Nikon in 2004.
  2. It is 12.2 MP (Which at the time that as ground breaking)
  3. It was a DX cropped censor. (Meaning I can use my current lens line up)
  4. It can shoot up to 8 fps when in crop mode at 6.8 megapixels.  (It shoots at 5 fps at full 12.4 megapixels resolution)
  5. Top shutter speed is 1/8,000 of a second and flash sync speeds up to 1/250th a second.
  6. It has GPS tagging options
  7. Magnesium body (it say’s light weight but truthfully it is not light weight.. it is a beast)
  8. Supports wireless transmitters (purchased separately) such as the WT-1/1A and the WT-2/2A for transferring directly from the D2x.
  9. It captures TIFF, RAW/NEF & JPEG files.  You can also record NEF & JPEG files at the same time!
  10. It has an 11-area AF system (not great to today’s standards but is still great enough for the job) with 9 cross-type AF sensors.
  11. Very affordable as a body only (USED)
  12. Professional quality and build.

Somethings to keep in mind when you are purchasing your used D2x.

  • Make sure it is in good or excellent condition!  This is important.  Do not buy a camera that is basically for parts only.  Make sure your read the description given by the store or person selling it.  Make sure you ask for pictures so you can varify as best you can the condition of the camera.
  • Most of all make sure it still works!  Do not pay someone money then to only find out the shutter does not work or the LCD screen does not show images.
  • Do not pay base price for a used D2x or any used camera for that fact.  The D2x was sold at a whopping 6,000 dollars when it was new.  You can find it used for about 300 or a little more.  Do not, I repeat do not give someone $600.00 dollars for a used D2x.  That is a rip off.  The camera is a little over 10 years old.  So keep that in mind.
  • Check out stores such as Adorama or B&H for the best deals.  (I have no association with them, its just that they actually make sure the gear works and inspects it before selling it!).
  • Also make sure you get some compact flash cards.  This camera does not take standard SD cards.  It takes compact flash.  No to many places sell them anymore but you can get them online for cheap.  Normally they are about $12 to $20 dollars.  I believe it takes up to 8 or 16G compact flash cards.



The reason I purchased it is because it is a great camera and it introduces me to the world of Nikon flagship cameras.  This camera is the little, little, little, little brother to the Nikon flagship cameras.  The Nikon D4s is the big brother of the D2x.

So if you are looking into getting a great quality flagship used camera I would suggest you check out the Nikon D2x.


D2X sample photograph
D2X sample photograph

Click photo below for a closer look at settings of the D2x for this picture.

Please watch the video below for a more detailed look.


3 thoughts on “The Nikon D2x. Why I purchased a used 2005 Nikon flagship DSLR.

  1. Hi
    I just bought a 2Dx. I agree with you, this is a brilliant camera regardless of whether its 10 years old. The machine takes some getting used to but shooting in raw and doing a bit of post processing using the Nikon post processing software gives you an insight into the fact that this camera doesn’t miss anything. I paid about $400 for mine but its barely been used. I have read that its sensitive to lenses, I use the Cheapie 18 to 55mm Nikon and it produces amazing pics in NEF with minimal post processing. I also have a Tokina 12 to 18mm it produces pictures that need almost no post processing as far as sharpness goes.

    You don’t have to chase mega- pixels to get brilliant pictures- and all for the cost of a low end point and shoot!


  2. Thanks so much for your great info on the Nikon D2x ! It was very very helpful to me on getting a great camera and bang for the buck ! I’m a old school guy with a 35mm Nikon F2 Dp1 & Nikon F4s ! I wasn’t ready to jump in yet and drop $7000 on the D5 ! One the wife will kill me and I had to drop allot of money for dam April Taxes !!!! Anyway I’m very very happy with my Nikon D2x for only $400 with only 9k shutter and is in mint condition ! Feel it was a no brainier but your video really helped me seal the deal for me ! So thank you ! Hope you have a great week and thanks again.

    Jeffrey S Coleman DDS

  3. First of all thank you for the review .
    I been waiting for so long for the price to drop that I almost forgot that I want it this camera. I have this cam marked as favorite on amazon right now will get it before the end of the year .
    It’s amazing how people will discard this beast just cause the d3 d4 d5 is out with all the new futures .but not for me this was the beast that came out when I started my dslr journey so am still interested in it …will post some pictures when purchased.
    Thank you again and have a good day.

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