BTS – Wedding Shoot 9/6/14

Chris of
Chris of

I wanted to share with everyone some behind the scenes pictures from a wedding I photographed this past weekend.  As my studio grows I want to share these behind the scenes with people interested in my photography and blog.  I hope by doing this it helps inspire or encourage you to move forward in your photography journey.   When I started photography 14 years ago I was using a 35mm canon camera photographing birds and now I am photographing weddings, portraits, models and commercial.  It has been an amazing journey so far and as things grow I want to be able to take you guys and gals along with me.  I get asked a lot about how does someone get started in photography or grow in photography.  There is no simple answer for that.  It is a lot of hard work, dedication, practice, passion and business knowledge to create and build your studio.   I have been shooting professionally now for almost 8 years.  I use Corel PSP and Lightroom 5 to edit my photographs and that is why I make training videos on Corel PSP.

The first thing I always tell anyone getting started in photography is “don’t over think!” and by that I mean, learn the skills at your own pace.  If you try to learn everything about photography and take amazing pictures in a week then you are going to fail.  It can become frustrating and seem pointless at different points of your photo journey.   Allow yourself some leeway and give yourself the opportunity to explore your creative side and then you will start showing people your best work.  If you do not like what you are photographing then your artistic and talent will not shine through.

Building a studio is a whole other story!  It takes a lot of work and business sense.  I now have an office manager that is helping me keep track of things because it is getting to be to much paper work. 🙂

I will be posting more Corel PSP video’s but I also want my blog to be photography related in general.  Here are some behind the scene pictures from my most recent wedding. IMG_7420 IMG_7427 IMG_7442 IMG_7574


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