Corel Paintshop Pro: Using adjustment layers and skin smoothing module Part 2

skin smoothing effect

UPDATE!  I have re-uploaded and is in 1080P!  Sorry for the wait.



In this tutorial I go over how to use the adjustment layer option on creating a skin smoothing affect.  I also talk about using the skin smoothing module and how to use it.

This video will go over in detail how to use these options and why you would use these options.  Each video in this series is made to give you several different options in creating the skin smoothing effect you are looking for.

Part 2:

  • Using the adjustment layer option to create a skin smoothing effect
  • Show you how to adjust the settings after you have applied them
  • How to use the Skin smoothing module
  • How to edit using the skin smoothing module
  • What to do and what not to do when applying these affects
  • How to erase in and erase out the effect you apply
  • Why it is important to use layers while you are using these effects

part two skin smoothing


As always if you have any questions please leave them down below or you can leave them on my youtube channel.  Also if you like what you see feel free to subscribe to my blog and youtube channel and give the video a like.
Thanks again.  Part 3 coming soon!


3 thoughts on “Corel Paintshop Pro: Using adjustment layers and skin smoothing module Part 2

  1. Chris I am thinking on buying PSP7 I am getting a little old for this but I am enjoying it how do I get my tools to stay where I can use them when I need them for instance the Text cutter tool I try to follow the tuts but they go so fast I miss a step and can’t slow it down
    I know you are busy but I am willing to pay for your help

    1. Hey Lee. I apologize for the late response. It has been crazy.. a lot of photo shoots! 🙂 I completely understand how it can be confusing. There are way’s that you can click an option in your settings to leave your specified tool modules out for easy accessibility. It is difficult to explain. I finally have some time off this coming week. I will answer that question in a Q&A video. Thanks for your question Lee and you don’t need to pay for my help. 🙂 I will hopefully get to the video post this week. If I can’t they I will attempt to make a blog post about it and post some samples. Thanks again Lee.

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