Update & A New Addition to the studio


Hi everyone,

I wanted to give a blog update on some of the things that are coming soon.  I am still working on the very long three-part series dealing with skin smoothing in Corel PSP.  I am also putting together a series of video’s dealing with nature photography and how to edit in Corel PSP.   I have had some weddings booked recently so I am busy with that.  I will be finishing up the skin smoothing video’s hopefully this week.   I am excited to bring those to you and hope you find them helpful and useful.   I will also be doing some quick tip Tuesday video’s again and the first one should be uploaded in about two weeks.   I also have another Q & A video that will answer some subscribers questions about Corel PSP.  As most of you know it does take some time editing and putting these lesson’s together. 🙂

I would like to also share with you a little addition to the oneilchris.com photography family.   A friend of mine recently found this stray kitten that was starving and frail.  He was 5 weeks old when found (he is now 6 weeks old).  She was unable to find him a home so I took him in, I fell in love and now he is an official part of the family.  I would like to introduce you to Lotis.  You might seem him in some of the video’s.  He is very spunky and loves to play so he jumps around everywhere.  🙂

You will probably be seeing my friend and photography assistant Amber in some upcoming video’s.  She has been assisting  me on my last three wedding shoots.  She is still learning and doing a great job.  She is a lot of help and I am glad to have her a part of my team as well.  She has been learning and developing her photography skills over the past 4 years.  She is pictured below.  She is a goofball. 🙂

I look forward to sharing with you the new video series!

Also if anyone wants to follow me on facebook here is the link.  https://www.facebook.com/oneilchrisphotography

Thanks everyone.

Chris & Lotis – oneilchris.com


Amber & Lotis – oneilchris.com

4 thoughts on “Update & A New Addition to the studio

  1. Since finding your inspiring blog I have bought myself a lovely ( for me) little camera – a step up from my basic compact – but still easy to handle. It’s an Olympus Stylus 1 and I’m in the process of getting the hang of it. I’ve also just installed PSP x6 cos I fancied what it can do – a big jump from my x2, and your videos are such a help to me as I have to teach myself everything …. camera AND software. As I’m in my late seventies that’s a lot to take on at once, but I’m getting there within my limitations and thoroughly enjoying blogging too.
    Lotis is a little sweetie – not easy photographing black cats …. I used to foster cats after our own died off and black/ black&white cats were the least popular to adopt apparently.

    1. Thank you Eileen! Olympus does make some great cameras. I am looking into getting something like the Nikon J4 series that gives me a bit more control over the settings. I am glad I can help you out in learning photography and the software. Lotis is a bunch of fun. He is getting bigger by the day. When we found him he was frail and just about starving. Now he is jumping around, gaining weight, playing all the time and he is just a load of fun. 🙂

  2. Chris: Thank you for the invaluable tutorials. I learn so much from you! I have two quick questions. I have a high end “point and shoot” (Sony DSC Rx 100). It can be fit with a glue-on filter adapter to mount polarizing, UV, and other filters. My questions are: 1) Do you find such filters useful; or do you just add such changes in post-production? 2) Do you keep your camera lens constantly covered with UV or other filter? Thank you in advance for your advice, RAJ rajdugel@gmail.com

    1. Hey Raj, Sorry for the delay in responding. I do find those filters useful depending on the situation. I try to do everything I can in camera and sometimes you can’t replicate certain effects in software that you can create in camera using tools like filters. I do not have a UV filter on any of my lens. I have friends that do that for extra protection but for me it is just another piece of glass I have to clean before a shoot. 😛 I do you polarizing filters and sometimes use them with adapters. I hope that answers you question! Thanks Raj! 🙂

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