Corel Paintshop Pro: Quick Tip Tuesday EP: 7 Modifying your EXIF data on your images


In this quick tip I go over how to modify your EXIF (exit data) on your image.  There are three different ways you can do this and they all lead to the same module.  The easiest way to bring up this module is to use your keyboard shortcut – SHIFT + I.  This module will appear and you can start modifying your information.

You might be asking,

ok chris, what the heck is EXIF data?

Exif data (AKA – Exchangeable image file format) is the information your picture contains when you take the photograph and save your image.  It is kind of like tagging your images.  This is also the information people will be able to see if they right-click on your photograph and check the image information.

The Exif data will contain information such as:

  • The date and time of when the photograph was taken.
  • What the camera settings were when you took the photograph.
  • The brand of camera you used such as Nikon, Canon or Sony.
  • Some EXIF data will have a small sample preview image for viewing. (I have yet to see this on my EXIF data but heard it is does happen)
  • It will provide description information (that you add or type in) about the photograph such as copyright information, your website and any other pertinent information you want added and share.

Sites such as and allow this information to be seen so other photographers can see what your settings were, the camera you used and more.  You can modify and change what you want to be seen and what you are willing to share.  This is completely up to you.  By utilizing this tool it will allow you more control over the information that is attached to your image.


  1. Open your image into your EDIT tab
  2. Click the keyboard shortcut SHIFT + I
  3. The module will appear and you can make your adjustments
  4. Click on the OK button then save your picture and you are done

Here are some screen shots to help you along.  How to tutorial is below the screen shots.




If you have any questions please leave them down in the comment section below!

Feel free to share and like this blog it does help me out.  I hope you learned something new.


6 thoughts on “Corel Paintshop Pro: Quick Tip Tuesday EP: 7 Modifying your EXIF data on your images

  1. Hi Chris, nice video. Any thoughts on why Paintshop Pro X6 (and probably earlier versions too) is stripping off exif data that’s there. I use the Digital Camera Utility by Silkypix that Pentax/Ricoh sends along with the camera to convert an image from RAW format (PEF) to lowest compression possible JPEG format. (I’ve done that since I realized that PSP was not handling the PEF to JPG conversion very well.) The utility shows the image with all the exif data you’ve talked about above as well as values for 23 more exif items. Here are the three I’d most like to see that PSP is stripping off: Lens Model, Rear Converter and Capture Mode. If I had to pick just one, I want Lens Model. Is there a setting somewhere in PSP X6 that would allow PSP to retain that information which it is receiving from the input jpg.

  2. Hi Chris – thanks very much for your tutorials !
    I’m currently working on a large set of images from a recent trip that were captured using two cameras.
    Do you have any suggestions for how to select multiple images based on EXIF data, such as camera model ?

    1. Thanks for your kind words. As far as I am aware of you can’t separate pictures or organize them by camera model in Corel PSP. You can do it by jpeg or Raw, Date, Location, star rating and a few others. I will check on that to make sure.
      Thanks for your comment and kind words. 😊

  3. I have a bunch of older photos where the dates and year are wrong. Is there a way to do a batch on these? I tried psp’s batch process but it was a no go

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