Behind the Scenes with Chris ~ My first wedding shoot.

for blog wedding

“I hope this video helps inspire young photographers in the fact that we all make silly mistakes but it is how you handle those mistakes that matter.  Keep striving and keep going. ” ~ Chris

I wanted to share a behind the scenes video with you.  I am working on a video that I will post on my website for future clients coming soon.  I had to do some tests to make sure the audio and video worked together.  I was using an old lavaliere mic system I owned.  I wanted to check the sound and video.  This test was done almost 3 months ago.  I will be shooting the official and final cut of the video (hopefully) the end of this month.  While I was checking the audio and video I was being asked questions from my assistant.  I was answering the questions and later on we would check the audio and video.   You get to see and hear me talk about one of my most embarrassing moments in my photography journey.   The story I tell happened years ago.  It was the first wedding I ever photographed…..I think I tell the story better in video then in text. 🙂

I wanted to share a video with one of my responses.  I thought you might enjoy.  It talks about my first wedding shoot.  😛

Thanks for watching!

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