Pat and I






Hey Everyone!

This video is not a full tutorial but a “free hand” edit on an old photograph I was doing for a friend I wanted to send it to.  What I mean by “free hand” is that I am actually editing the video as you are seeing it.  Most of the video’s I post for my site (98%) and blog take many takes (I have plenty of blooper reels. lol). I do that to make sure you guys and gals get the best and very well explained tutorials. The video is completely free hand.  You will be watching me edit a photograph off the cuff.   My studio does do a lot tougher and high end edits that can take between hours to days.  I will hopefully be able to do an edit a video like that for you guys and record it.  It might be a very long video. 🙂
I wanted to do a video to show you guys some simple edits I do to refurbish an old photograph.  It goes over using some of the simplest tools in the PSP program to help and hopefully give you some ideas on editing your old school photographs in PSP.  I hope this helps you out.  Thanks for watching!

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