I wanted to do a video on how I create the selected color effect in Corel PSP.  There are several different way’s to do this and I will post those in other videos.  I wanted to go over and explain in detail why I do this technique the way I do.  I use the “selection tool” when creating this effect.  It does take some time and there are faster way’s to do this effect.  I do it this way because it gives me more control over the final image.  It also allows me to make sure I keep the eyes perfectly in color while the rest of the person or object is in BW.  I hope that this video can you show you the way I do it an give you an idea of how you can utilize this technique with so many other different photographs.  I use this technique for weddings, models and commercial work.  It is a highly requested effect that clients love to make prints of.  I will post another video soon that will show a slightly easier and faster way but I wanted to share a more detailed and exact way of doing this edit while showing you how you can use the selection tool.   I hope this inspires and helps you learn more about the program.  Thanks for watching!  Chris

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