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I went over in this short tutorial the different ways you can change your photograph into a black and white photograph.  The reason why I go over 5 of them is because I want you to be able to choose which one works for you best.  Some people have different work flows and find certain things easier to work with.  I want to give you some of these options.

In the first two examples we will be using the LEARNING CENTER.  I go over in more detail in the video linked above.  If you would like to learn how to find the learning center in Corel please refer to the video above.

The first one is the Black and White module in the learning center.

You will first open your color photo into the EDIT tab in Corel.

You will then open up your learning center.  If you already have the learning center open you should see it on the right hand side.  You will then click on EFFECTS:


After you click on EFFECTS you will see a tab for CONVERT TO BLACK AND WHITE:


Click on that tab and you will see this module appear.  Here you can make adjustments in the brightness, clarify (darker/contrast slider) and even change the REDS, BLUES and GREENS.


The second way to change your photo to a BW is to use the TIME MACHINE MODULE.  You get to this tab the same way you did the one above.


After you click on the Time module tab you will see this module appear.  You can pick from the PLATINUM or the BOXED CAMERA affect to give you the black and white effect.  Just mouse over the pictures and you will see a little prompt telling you which one you are about to select.


The 3rd way to change your photograph to BW is to click on the HUE/SATURATION/LIGHTNESS option.


After you click on that you will see this module appear.  Lower down your HUE to -180 and your SATURATION to -100 and you will then have a BW photograph.


The 4th way is to simple click on the GREY-SCALE option.  This will just turn your photograph to a BW and you will not be able to make any adjustments.  But a lot of people like this option.  It is simple and 90% of the time does a good job.


The 5th option is to select COLOR and then CHANNEL MIXER in your adjust tab.  This will bring up the Channel Mixer.


With the CHANNEL MIXER it is very important to make sure you click on the MONOCHROME box.  This will turn your photograph to BW and then you can make adjustments with the RED, BLUES and GREEN’s.  This gives a you a bit more control over your BW image.  🙂


I hope this blog helped anyone out wanting to learn about how to change your photographs into BW photographs.  If you have any questions as always please leave them down below, share and like the blog or video and please pass the word on. Thanks again guys.  Talk to you soon.  Much love!


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